Vaginal Pain

Vaginal Pain Upper East Side, NY

Vaginal pain may be embarrassing to talk about, but uncovering the cause of this common women's health problem is so important. Dr. Laura Corio recommends noting the kind and intensity of your symptoms. Then, she'll do an in-office pelvic examination and imaging as needed to determine what's going on inside your body. Whether acute or chronic, mild or severe, vaginal pain requires an expert diagnosis for proper treatment.

Kinds of vaginal pain

Doctors categorize vaginal pain according to when it happens and to its cause. Pain during sexual intercourse, for instance, is called dyspareunia. Causes may be minute tears in fragile vaginal walls resulting from low estrogen levels and/or lack of sufficient lubrication. Vaginal prolapse is another painful "mechanical" problem which requires quick attention from your gynecologist.

Trauma also causes vaginal pain, as do uterine fibroids (benign tumors inside the uterus) and endometriosis (overgrowth of the lining of the uterus which sometimes spills out into the abdomen). Endometriosis and its associated pain during sex, bowel movements or menstruation affects about ten percent of American women of childbearing age.

Another frequent cause of vaginal pain is an infection. Simple vaginitis with its burning, itching, and soreness may be so severe that throbbing pain results. Infection with candida, or yeast, occurs with strenuous gym workouts, pregnancy, wearing of tight clothing and a score of other circumstances where normal vaginal flora become out of balance. Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia, cause extreme discomfort, too.

Treating vaginal pain

Key to treatment is honesty about symptoms combined the expertise of an experienced and compassionate physician such as Dr. Laura Corio. Treatment of infection, either locally or in oral form, reduces or eliminates some vaginal pain. Lubrication during sex--use of K-Y Jelly or Replens--avoids tears and fissures. And, of course, if you suspect you have fibroids or endometriosis, an in-office ultrasound of the abdomen can diagnose these issues definitely.

Never wait on vaginal pain

Health, comfort, and overall well-being are critical to a woman's life. Don't make the mistake of trying to diagnose it and remedy it alone. Consult with the most experienced OB/GYN physician in the NYC area--Dr. Laura Corio (646) 422-0730.

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