The Change Before The Change

Perimenopause - The Change Before The Change

Dr. Corio's special interest in perimenopause started very early in her practice.  She began to see patients who were complaining of different perimenopausal symptoms but there was not a diagnosis known at that time. She decided to write a book on perimenopause and it was a great success  The Change Before the Change - Everything You Need To Know To Stay Healthy In The Decade Before Menopause - became a classic. Dr. Corio appeared on TV shows, radio shows and spoke in front of many female and, male audiences that were excited to hear about perimenopause.

The Change Before The Change -- By Chapter

  • How do I know if I'm in perimenopause?
  • The first sign of perimenopause - abnormal bleeding 
  • Hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats
  • Foggy brain 
  • Sexual changes and vaginal atrophy
  • Skin and hair changes with perimenopause
  • Fertility and perimenopause 
  • Osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • Heart changes due to menopause
  • Your thyroid gland affected by menopause 
  • Breast changes and breast cancer risk
  • How to deal with gynecological issues that Change with menopause 
  • And lastly, how to have a healthy and easy transition through perimenopause
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