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Dearest Dr. Corio,

I told you I always send you a Thank You note after each appt but this one is a bit different. I must tell you with all my heart how grateful I am that you took so much time listening, examing, testing and calling me to assure me and help me with this "menopause" time. Dr. S has sent me to many doctors but by far, you are the best of all the referrals he's given me.

Thank you for improving the quality of my life.

With so many auto-immune illnesses and symptoms, everything is "magnified 100x" in my body. I am most sincerely grateful and appreciative for your help, concern and treatment.

You are a wonderful doctor.

I love giving birth! To a one of a kind doctor and her best staff. Once again, going through one the most amazing miracles of life, I would like to take the opportunity and thank you all, caring and loving office members, for making this place such a pleasure to come to. And to you Dr. Corio, no words would be able to describe my love, confidence and trust in you!! Thank you for everything! Love – Hanna

Dearest Dr. Corio,

Words cannot express how much I appreciate what you did for me. I truly feel if it wasn’t for you, I would be in a sad state of affairs. I believe you may have saved my life and for that I am forever grateful.

I know you’re aware of what kind of mess I was before surgery. I’m not cut out for it, so to speak. The one thing that got me through was your kindness and incredible compassion; something I hadn’t seen since my Grandpa Bishop who loved and practiced until he was 87. He treated all of his patients with “kid gloves”. And that is something I haven’t seen from any doctor for years and years.

You are truly an angel and I would (and have) recommended you to anybody, everyday and twice on Sunday. You’re the best

Dear Dr. Corio,

I’m very fortunate to have you for my doctor. Not only are you a great doctor, but you’re a wonderful woman which I appreciate more so. You made me feel very safe throughout this whole experience.

Sincerely Toni

Dr. Corio,

Thank you for EVERYTHING. You are such a wonderful person and an excellent doctor. I feel very lucky to have you in my life. Love Indy

Dear Dr. Corio,

Just a note to thank you for your warm enthusiasm, energy and years of experience that you offered in helping out little Betsy into this world.

Mike and I are overwhelmed with joy and awe as we cross the threshold into parenthood. Betsy has already illuminated our lives with her energy and beauty.

All the best  Christine and Mike

To the wonderful women of East 64th Street,

Having children has been the most special, personal and rewarding thing that I could have ever done. SO thank you a million times for helping me bring two of my greatest loves into this world. First John, now Cole. I look forward to bringing them in to see you as they continue to grow.

Much love Amie

Dear Dr. Corio,

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing dedication and commitment you gave to me throughout my pregnancy. Barry and I both feel truly blessed to know you and to have gone through this with you as my doctor. You were incredibly diligent and careful with me and at the same time gave me so much warmth and compassion, especially in those last remaining weeks. Everyone keeps talking about how lucky I am to have had practically full term, healthy twins that went home after two days, but I attribute most of it to you and maybe just a little bit of luck!

Lots of love Jade, Barry, Nathaniel and Caleb


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